Season 1

Rules Package




About The Series

This championship is open wheel racing at its very best.

This is an open setup series where our quicker drivers share setups, hints and tips and give advice and help to anyone who asks.

The car we will use is the iRacing Formula iR-04.

We encourage drivers of all abilities to join the championship, race, learn and have fun.

There are no minimum requirements for iRating or Safety Rating.

All of our races are shown live by Backfire Simsport TV.


The league is limited to 50 drivers and these places will first be offered to existing league members and we will offer any remaining places to the general iRacing public.



There is a £15.00 fee for the 20 race season which is payable to via PayPal and needs to be in GBP. 

Drivers joining the league upto and including race 10 will pay the full fee.

Drivers joining the league from race 11 onwards will pay £7.50 for the rest of the season.



Our paints are placed in a paint pack each week and are available to download from our website. We strongly advise that if you use Trading Paints, you turn this off completely to avoid league paint being overwritten. A decal layer will be added to each car which will utilise the upper surface of the rear wing with our sponsor logo. All liveries must be at no later than 8pm on the Friday before a race weekend. If your livery has not changed since the last race then you do not need to re-send it. Liveries received after this time may not be visible in the broadcast. Your livery file must be in .tga format and compressed when saved. You also must name your file car_xxxxx with xxxxx being your iRacing ID. We ask that you have permission from the owner(s), to display all logos on your livery.



We have our own Discord server which is free to use for race nights and general chit chat.

Our broadcast comms is done via this server, including driver interviews, therefore you will need to be on the Discord server.

Voice comms on Discord is not compulsory but it will help you to learn different aspects of our league and enable you to interact with your fellow drivers.

There will be a separate team room created for you and your team mates only as well as our public rooms.

To join Discord, please visit

Please note, you may be involved in the interviews after the racing. To help our broadcasters, please ensure your Discord name is in the format of #car number > name eg. #111 John Smith. This is mandatory in our Discord server.




Hexeal Alt+F4 Challenge - Every driver in the series takes part in and scores points in this championship. This championship is also known as the Overall Drivers Championship 

Hexeal Team Challenge - Teams are made up of a maximum of 2 drivers and the points gained in the Alt+F4 Challenge are added together to give the team score.

Driver of the Season - At the end of each broadcast, the commentators will vote on their “driver of the evening”. The points are added together throughout the season.

Drop Week's - Drivers can drop one race weekend.

A drop week consists of all races in one race night.


Race Sessions

Each race meeting consists of 2 races.

Our servers start at 6pm UK on race days with a 1 hour practice session and the session starts in “morning” conditions.


Standard 15 minute qualifying before race 1.

Race 1 (heat race) is 30 minutes in duration.

15 minute warm up.

Reverse top 10 for race 2.

Race 2 (feature race) is 30 minutes in duration.


We strongly suggest that you join any session through the LEAGUE > LEAGUE SESSIONS tab on iRacing as some drivers have had issues in joining sessions through the HOSTED tab.


Please note we need a minimum of 10 drivers to start a race. If this condition is not met, the race meeting will be removed from the calendar. The admins reserve the right to end the series early due to low participation.


Point Scoring

Drivers will score the following points for each race

Drivers must complete at least 1 race lap to score points.

Drivers not completing lap 1, will still collect penalty points.



Bonus & Penalty Points

Pole Position - The driver gaining pole position from a qualifying session will receive 5 bonus points.

Fastest Lap - The driver with the fastest lap in each race will receive 3 bonus points

Lead A Lap - Any driver scored in the official results as leading a lap will receive 1 bonus point for each lap led, up to a maximum of 3 points.

Incident Points - Each driver will receive 1 penalty point for every incident point they collect.

Drive Through Penalty - On reaching 15 incident points in any race, a driver will receive a black flag drive through penalty.



As we follow the official iRacing schedules, we only have a part schedule until further schedules are released. The dates are set and we do not clash with any of the major special events.







1 & 2


GP Pits


3 & 4

Red Bull Ring



5 & 6




7 & 8




9 & 10




11 & 12




13 & 14




15 & 16




17 & 18




19 & 20





Steward Reviews

From time to time things can get heated and/or mistakes may happen.

If you feel aggrieved by a situation, we ask that you do the following.

  • Allow a 12 hour cooling off period before protesting (and protests received during the cooling off period will be deleted)
  • View the incident from different angles and different cars
  • DO NOT abuse any other drivers involved via voice or text

If after reviewing the incident, you feel that you need to protest it, please use the protest form stating which race, which lap, and which cars were involved.

The race control admin team will review the incident, give you an honest view on the incident, and apply penalties where required.

All decisions are final.

Drivers gaining a position using unfair means are expected to give places back.

We pride ourselves on sportsmanship and clean racing so if you recognise that you have unfairly gained a position, then please allow a position reversal to take place at your earliest opportunity.

Any driver found to be abusive towards another driver, on any of our media platforms, Facebook, Discord or iRacing, via chat or text will face a pitlane start for the next race they attend. A second offence will be penalised with a race meeting ban, and a third offence will result in the driver being excluded from the league. No arguments.



All races are “open setup” and our faster drivers will share setups with you, you just need to ask. Normally you will also find a race setup in the race post for each round.

Black flags will only be cleared during practice sessions. Our admins also race and therefore if iRacing deems you are worthy of a black flag for any reason, so do we.

We use iRacing dynamic weather so bear in mind that the weather conditions will change from session to session.

You will get 1 free repair per race. Please note that any slight damage, even from taking a curb too vigorously can result in your free repair being used. You can turn this off and decide when you want to use your free repair.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the admins or email one of us from the contact list below.



Clyde Whiting = Membership, Scoring & Liveries

Pete Bingham = Finance

Sam Buzin = Broadcasting, Website



By entering any race you are agreeing to have read and understood the above rules.